Thank you to each and every Teamster 853 member who came out, supported, or participated in some way – You made 2023 a huge success.

Turnout of sheer numbers are where we get our power. That is why we have good contracts, pay, and benefits. Because we stick together and always operate as one large group. So even though you may not be working on your specific contract, participation in all Teamster activities makes some member a recipient of a better life in our Teamster universe.

In January, our newly elected Executive Board took over Teamsters Local 853. We ran on the promise to involve members more in their Union and to provide more transparency about what events impact all of us. Our goal was to raise up all Teamsters 853 members by reaching out to our members and asking them to take their Union back. So we invested in our web, social media, and communications platforms to reach out more easily to you, our members. We made all communications available in Spanish to better communicate with the 30% of our members who prefer Spanish. We requested that your Business Agents become more involved with integrating communications of activities and events during their visits to your workplace.

And what we saw this year was nothing short of phenomenal. When we reached out to you, you reached back out to us and each other and participated like never before. You turned up, and you showed up. We had seven(7) times as many members show up for monthly meetings compared to the average last year. We had hundreds and hundreds of members turn out for pickets and rallies for every Teamster cause around the Bay Area. And some of those causes were not just local but also to the benefit of Teamsters nationwide. You donated to the Amazon strikers so that they could continue their work picketing nationally, and many members signed up and contributed to Drive, the Teamster’s Political Action Committee. You showed up at our member appreciation day, helped with the UPS contract practice strike, and participated in Boycotts and many other activities.

In short, you are taking back Teamsters Local 853 and are making us stronger and more successful. We applaud you and challenge you to participate even more in 2024. Let’s do this together and knock it out of the park in 2024. For all the Teamster 853 members who came before us and for you and future members to come. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Teamsters Strong!!!

In Union,

Steve Beck, Steven Lua, and the entire Staff and Teamsters Local 853

Below are just a few of the many events and programs that made us stronger this year.