DHL Members at Teamsters 853 Are Standing With CVG DHL – Do What You Have to Get the Contract You Deserve!

1500 Teamster members from Local 100 in Northern Kentucky and Ohio who work for CVG DHL voted to Unionize earlier in the year. Since then, DHL has chosen not to negotiate in good faith, which has resulted in these workers voting nearly unanimously to strike.

Subsequently, today, December 6th, we have been informed that DHL management has held captive audience meetings at both Sunnyvale and Watsonville DHL in an attempt to dissuade these workers from supporting the CVG DHL members out of solidarity. The members, however, were not phased by the scare tactic language at these meetings and are ready to do whatever is necessary to support Teamster Local 100 Members at CVG DHL.

Stay strong, don’t let up, and get that contract!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽