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MV Transporation Convenes Contract Enforcement Meeting

By Brian Fisher | May 22, 2024

Way to go, sisters and brothers; this is how you strengthen your group. MV Transportation members came out to the Teamsters Local 853 hall in San Jose this Saturday for a Contract Enforcement meeting. The group discussed Weingarten’s rights and rights to representation, the Grievance procedure, and NLRB violations. When everyone knows the protections that […]

US Foods Tracy Survey

By Brian Fisher | April 12, 2024

United States Department of Labor Secretary, Julie Su, meets with Gillig and Teamsters 853 members – lauds positive partnerships between Union and company

By Brian Fisher | April 6, 2024

In a visit to GILLIG this week, Labor Secretary Julie Su’s organization tweeted, “Our clean energy transition needs strong partnerships, including between workers and management.  Happy to meet with GILLIG to see their facility creating zero-emission buses, talk about their labor-management partnership, and see the benefits of employing unionized workers.” The Biden Administration is focused […]

Being in a union means you could make $1.3 million more over your lifetime

By Brian Fisher | April 3, 2024

Original Article written by Juliana Kaplan and Madison Hoff for Business Insider If you want to make a million more dollars over your lifetime, there’s one solution: Join a union. That’s according to a new paper in Cornell University’s ILR Review. Researchers Zachary Parolin of Bocconi University and Tom VanHeuvelen of University of Minnesota Twin Cities examined the advantages of […]

Lets do this right Now

By Brian Fisher | March 30, 2024

Today is your day. Your ballot should have arrived by now at your house. There is a reason why so many truck drivers in our Country are in a union, because they know its life changing for the better. So no matter how much attention, and begging. and insincere letters they send you now that […]

Teamsters 853 knows what is fair and what is not because we represent The four largest companies in the food service industry! They all get better pay, benefits, and job protection than non-union employees.

By Brian Fisher | March 22, 2024

The reason why the company will never pay you what you are worth without the Union is because they can divide you one at a time, and you will never know how much you left on the table. And you have no leverage if you don’t act as one group. But we do. The Teamsters […]

Give it a Rest US Foods

By Brian Fisher | March 21, 2024

US Foods Drivers in Tracy The Union has a heart. It is not like the mindless corporations we battle, whose only goal is to maximize profit at your expense. They want you to squabble about outdated penny fees and unlikely strikes so you don’t hear this:– Union employees get paid better, period!– Union employees get […]

US FOODS TRACY – Signup Cards and new videos from drivers

By Brian Fisher | February 26, 2024

US FOODS Tracy, We are crushing it right now and want to go out on a grand slam. If you know anyone left that you work with who has not signed a Union card, please forward this web page to them and ask them to sign it by clicking below and filling out the form. […]

US Foods Livermore Negotiating Updates

By admin | February 23, 2024

US Foods Drivers Group in Livermore, We have a lot of movement going on right now regarding your progress and wanted to give you some updates. Please stay tuned, and please attend the proposal meeting when we announce it to ensure you have your say and are informed of our progress. In Union, Ray Torres, […]

US Foods, Welcome to Teamsters Local 853

By admin | January 11, 2024

US Foods Brothers,I am Steve Beck, the secretary-treasurer and principal officer at Teamsters Local 853. I am responsible for leading Teamsters Local 853. Congratulations on the vote you took to become a Teamster. I welcome you into our family. Today is a great day for you and your coworker’s future at US Foods. Teamsters Local […]