United States Department of Labor Secretary, Julie Su, meets with Gillig and Teamsters 853 members – lauds positive partnerships between Union and company

In a visit to GILLIG this week, Labor Secretary Julie Su’s organization tweeted, “Our clean energy transition needs strong partnerships, including between workers and management.  Happy to meet with GILLIG to see their facility creating zero-emission buses, talk about their labor-management partnership, and see the benefits of employing unionized workers.”

The Biden Administration is focused on furthering its commitment to Unions across America as a pathway to worker success. This visit, and many others like it, further solidifies their commitment.

It was a rare opportunity for members of Teamsters Local 853 to meet with a high-level government official from the Department of Labor. Stewards Robert Terry, Erik Vancil, Lyle Funderburk, and Lupe Pinedo put their best foot forward as they represented our Teamster family and the strong partnership between GILLIG management and their Union workforce.

Teamsters 853 members at GILLIG are coming off a stunningly good contract in their recent negotiations, which is a testament to forward-looking companies like GILLIG, who are leading the future in the zero emissions American Built busses. They recognize the true value of a Unionized workforce.

“We are so proud of these members who are being singled out as an example to the country and unions everywhere of what a union workforce can contribute on a national level. They earned this with their consistent commitment to their work,” said Steve Beck, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 853. “We are also aware that regardless of political affiliation, Teamsters Local 853 is willing to work with whoever is in office if they are expanding and strengthening unions across our State and the country.”

Also present for the meeting were Teamsters Local 853 Vice President Ray Torres and Recording Secretary Mike Henneberry.