Withdrawal from the Union will put a freeze on your dues. You can request a withdrawal for the following reasons.

  • Leave of Absence (LOA) - any approved absence from work for an extended period of time for a specific reason.
  • Family Leave Medical Act (FMLA) - You can take off work as it pertains to the Family Leave Medical Act - Birth of a Child, Adoption, Care for an ill family member, etc. Details are here.
  • Lapse in Work - if you have not worked for the entirety of a given month or period of months.
  • Promoted to a non-Union job in the company

If you choose to file a withdrawal from the Union, you will give up the following general Union rights.

  • Voting Privileges for electing Union officials
  • Voting privileges for contracts.
  • $10,000 death benefit

Your dues must be current and paid up to date to request a withdrawal.

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