Lets do this right Now

Today is your day. Your ballot should have arrived by now at your house.

There is a reason why so many truck drivers in our Country are in a union, because they know its life changing for the better.

So no matter how much attention, and begging. and insincere letters they send you now that you have them scared, the fact is that if you vote UNION YES, you have just secured a better life for you and your family.

Corporations are beholden to their shareholders and are required to maximize profits. That is what you are up against. They see you as a source of profit so they want to cut your pay and benefits. Without a Union contract, you are against the shareholder without any way to push back.

So VOTE YES and mail your ballot back today, right now.

Need proof? It’s right here: teamsters853.org

Look at our website and see what we do day in and day out. On the home page are stories of what we do and the victories we win EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Let’s do this together, and knock it out of the park, and let those shareholders and management know you are worth more than they will ever give you willingly.

Ray Torres and the entire Teamster Local 853 staff and the 13,000 members we represent.