Give it a Rest US Foods

US Foods Drivers in Tracy

The Union has a heart. It is not like the mindless corporations we battle, whose only goal is to maximize profit at your expense.

They want you to squabble about outdated penny fees and unlikely strikes so you don’t hear this:
– Union employees get paid better, period!
– Union employees get better health care, period!
– Union employees get better pensions, period!
…and straight-up Union employees don’t have to take crap from their employers anymore on the job or be subject to harassment or termination without cause because you will finally be protected on the job.

So, let’s set the record straight.
-You will not pay any initiation fees because we don’t enforce that
-You will not be forced to do any disciplinary activities because we don’t do that in our modern Union
-You won’t pay any union dues until you have a contract
-In the extremely unlikely event that a strike is considered, the members always get a vote on whether or not to strike, period.

And the company doesn’t want you to know this because if you VOTE UNION YES, then they can’t keep robbing you of your fair wages and benefits.

Take it from those who know and the drivers they support