It’s Official! US Foods Drivers Vote “Union Yes” and Join Teamsters Local 853

Unions are in an endless battle, fighting corporations to secure fair wages and benefits for the workers who make those companies successful. Corporations are experts at keeping every penny of profits, and unions have to go to the mat every time to get workers their fair share of their contribution.

Today, Teamsters Local 853 would like to congratulate the US Foods drivers who were able to see beyond the corporations’ tactics as they voted today to join our Union. Without their trust in us and each other, this would not have been possible.

“These drivers were receiving confusing and misleading information from their employer,” Said Teamsters Vice-president Ray Torres, “and they have been seeing their peer drivers at other companies receive better pay and benefits, and so they stuck together today and voted for a better future! I’m proud of these members.”

“We enthusiastically welcome these members to our Teamster family,” said Steve Beck, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 853. “Now we can start the process of getting these members a great contract.”


Teamsters Local 853 would also like to recognize and thank Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien, General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, Vice-President Tom Erickson, and IBT Organizing Director Chris Rosell, all of whom supported our organizing efforts.


Most importantly, we want to recognize the efforts of Teamsters Local 104 in Phoenix, Arizona, who sent these drivers endless support videos from their US Foods members and stewards and Teamsters Local 104 Staff. Without your critical support, we may not have been successful. We recognize the extra effort you made without any tangible benefit to yourselves.

“This was truly a community effort by our Sisters and Brothers from many places in the country,” said Steve Beck. “That’s what being a Teamster is all about.”