Gillig Members Fill the House to Capacity and Ratify Historic Contract.

Yesterday, Gillig bussing members showed up in force and overwhelmingly voted to ratify their new contract. It was the highest percentage ever for a ratification vote for this group at 97%. The Gillig membership made it clear that they stand together with one another and Local 853’s leadership moving into the future.

“This contract was a model for how I feel great contracts are completed.” Said Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beck. “Our members were heavily involved and wanted to work through it. We went line for line on this contract, so nothing was left to chance.”

“I also want to recognize that without the full participation of our steward committee, we would not have had the level of success we achieved. They were critical in many aspects of this contract. I want to express my respect and high regard for these members because they did it smartly and together, the Union way!”