US Foods, Welcome to Teamsters Local 853

US Foods Brothers,
I am Steve Beck, the secretary-treasurer and principal officer at Teamsters Local 853. I am responsible for leading Teamsters Local 853.

Congratulations on the vote you took to become a Teamster. I welcome you into our family. Today is a great day for you and your coworker’s future at US Foods.

Teamsters Local 853 represents 13,000 members just like you in the Bay Area from over 300 companies. We have considerable expertise in negotiating good contracts in your industry. Drivers at Coremark, UNFI, Sysco Foods, and Performance Food Groups are all Teamsters, so we know what fair wages and benefits look like in this industry, and we will be fighting to get you the salary and benefits you deserve for the work you provide.

We need your help and your participation.

For as long as I am here, you will hear me talk about the most important thing about being in a union. That is to be a well-informed member and to participate in the Teamster activities that affect you and your fellow members.

Unions are only as effective as their members’ unity and motivation to take a stand and help each other. Unity in numbers is how we get good contracts against greedy employers and how we get labor-friendly legislation. We vote for politicians who understand and support the working women and men who live in our communities, and we show up and use our collective voices to protest injustice in the workplace.

This is a battle between corporations whose sole mission is to make as much money as possible by any legal means… and the workers who usually deserve more than they get from those employers.

What you can do to start things off.

Please start getting involved now by signing up to our email list, where you will get important information on events that affect you and your coworkers here:

Follow our feeds on Facebook and Instagram, where you will regularly see members like you all over the Bay Area and the work they do.

On behalf of myself, Steven Lua, our President, and the entire staff at Teamsters Local 853, welcome again, and let’s do this smartly and together, the Union way.

In Union,
Steve Beck
Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 853