DHL in Sunnyvale Rally Big to Support DHL CVG workers in Ohio and Kentucky

In a world where Corporations spend huge amounts of money and time to aggressively prevent workers from unionizing, Unions have a secret weapon. The truth. The truth that Unions provide better wages, benefits, working conditions, and safety for workers in just about every industry across the Country.

But Unions don’t have the millions to go dollar for dollar against these union busters. But we do have the ability to tell the truth, spoken by those who know: the workers who do the jobs.

That’s exactly what DHL workers in Sunnyvale did yesterday at a rally to support over 1000 non-union DHL workers in Ohio and Kentucky who have an upcoming union vote.

When we say that Teamsters 853 members need to be involved in the Union process, this is what we mean. Simply hearing from members that wear the same DHL uniform that Union is better for their future will give those workers the confidence they need to vote UNION YES!

The below messages were sent to those 1000+ members.

Thank you, DHL Sunnyvale, for stepping up for these workers.