Teamsters 853 Members speak at PSLbayarea Event, “If you know someone who is not union, and wants a better future, tell them to call our organizers and Unionize your Workplace.”

Trustee Gloria Segura and UPS Santa Cruz members Lilli and Jake Thomas recently participated in a forum with PSLbayarea, where they spoke about UPSers standing up against corporate greed. They spoke on the importance of being united in order to achieve success.

“Just as importantly, we spoke of the importance of every Teamster Member who has family or friends in workplaces that are not union to reach out to them, have a conversation about unionizing their workplace, and put them in touch with our organizers,” said Gloria Segura.

Many workers and the general public doesn’t know that they are legally entitled to organize their workplace. ANYONE on the job is entitled to organize and Unionize their workplace. Many workers just need a starting place.