PFG Livermore and Dropyards in Ceres, Sacramento, Fresno and Redding get a Boost from Gena Tatupu and Teamsters 630 Staff in LA and the IBT who know what this fight is worth

Big shout out to Gena Tatupu, PFG Supervisor from Livermore, who was wrongfully terminated during this union drive. Gena continues to fight for all the PFG workers in Livermore because she knows it’s the right thing to do. She was accompanied by Masiel Garcia (Local 630), Jr Navarro (Local 630), from Teamsters Local 630 representing the PFG Members in SoCal, and Adam Padilla (IBT Organizer).

Gena and this group were the glue that really spoke to the PFG Livermore workers on the benefits of unionizing and how it will improve their lives.

Hold strong, PFG Livermore; if you stay united, you will all benefit from having a collective voice in the Union. Everyone on the company side is there to convince you to keep PFG making higher profits on your hard work. Don’t listen to a single thing they say!

Let’s vote Union Yes and get that contract and pay Gena back for risking everything to make a better life for her and her coworkers.