Teamsters Win Battle in the Robotaxi War

Sisters and Brothers,

Over the past weeks and months, the Teamsters in the Bay Area have been focusing on the growing danger that the Robotaxi and autonomous driving vehicles technology poses to Teamsters’ jobs and public safety.

We had the big rally in Sacramento to bring attention to AB316 legislation to Governor Newsom’s attention, and most recently, the rally at the SF Cruise Headquarters to draw public attention to the threat of this unvetted technology being pushed by corporate greed.

And although we don’t win every battle, as evidenced by Governor Newsom’s veto of AB316, it’s the constant pressure and willingness to keep fighting that keeps big tech power in check and under the scrutiny of the public eye.

And, it’s this effort that allows us to claim victory in a battle in this war. Last week, the California DMV, which has oversight over autonomous vehicle development, suspended all RoboTaxi permits in San Francisco, where they were being allowed to be tested. Stopping the entire program, with immediate effect.

It’s a lesson that we continually learn: if you, as a Teamster, come out and support our causes along with Teamster 853 staff, we slow or stop the momentum that corporate greed creates. So, we want to publically acknowledge all the sisters and brothers who made the effort to come out to a rally, support the preparation, or spread the word to keep awareness of our causes in the public eye. You make this victory possible, and without your help and participation, we cannot succeed.

“Something that some of our newer members may be just learning is that when it comes to political action, our union is not always about what our staff can do for our members, but it is what our members do for each other.” Said Steve Beck, Teamster 853 Secretary-Treasurer, “I’ve said it many times: ITS YOUR UNION, and participation at this level is a way to take ownership of your Union and help each other out.”

Stay tuned to this space as we continue to stay active in the interest of our Teamster members.

In Union,

Steve Beck, Steven Lua, and the entire Teamster Staff