Teamster 853 Women Leaders Attend Women’s Conference in Nashville, Gain insightful knowledge and tools to improve their work and our local

This year, the Teamsters Women’s Conference was held in Nashville, Tennesee. This event is a great opportunity for women Teamsters to partake in educational classes that will help them be better stewards and staff. There was a broad array of workshops during this multi-day event.

Workshops were held to specifically address and educate on topics of Women’s Leadership and strategies in the labor movement, Advanced Union Stewardship topics, Harassment and Crime against women in the workplace, grievances and stewards roles in the general workplace, the rise of women workers in the 21st Century, and many other valuable tools to improve our local.

The conference also had many workshops for Labor Executives to understand better their role in managing a successful local.

“This event is a great opportunity for the Women leaders at Teamsters Local 853 to step back, and evaluate their performance on the job and learn tools that will make them even better.” Said Teamsters 853 Secretary-Treasurer, Steve Beck. “I am very proud of the woman in our local who have embraced the leadership mantle, and I encourage them to be better in every way that can support their members and our local.”

The event was a considerable success and a model for women Teamsters everywhere who want to improve themselves and the members they serve.

AB316: This is a big event that needs your help as a Teamster

Sisters and Brothers,

On September 19th, Teamsters all across Northern California will be attending a significant event that will push back against corporate greed and unchallenged new technology in the state of California.

For many months, Teamsters in the Joint Council 7 have spearheaded support for legislation called AB316. AB316 is legislation that will responsibly consider the impact of driverless vehicles on jobs and public safety. And stop the overreach of corporations to make money without consideration for the workers and the safety of the communities they impact.

This legislation is so vital that Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien will drive the lead truck in a caravan to Sacramento to rally California Governor Gavin Newsom to sign AB316.

So we need your help by joining us and showing up in force in Sacramento on the 19th. We expect Teamsters to come from all over the state and to have a crowd of over 1,000 participants. BUT ONLY WITH YOUR HELP!

This rally is about protecting all teamster jobs, not just drivers. When corporations come in and want to take your job, we all stand together with workers and communities instead of robots and tech billionaires.


Sacramento Capital
Sutter Health Park 
400 Ballpark Dr 
W. Sacramento, CA 95691 

Tuesday, Sept. 19th @10am 
Contact Local 853 for any questions.

If you are considering going, please let us know by signing up here:

In Union,
Steve Beck, Steven Lua, and the entire Teamsters Local 853 Staff

Teamsters 853 Members speak at PSLbayarea Event, “If you know someone who is not union, and wants a better future, tell them to call our organizers and Unionize your Workplace.”

Trustee Gloria Segura and UPS Santa Cruz members Lilli and Jake Thomas recently participated in a forum with PSLbayarea, where they spoke about UPSers standing up against corporate greed. They spoke on the importance of being united in order to achieve success.

“Just as importantly, we spoke of the importance of every Teamster Member who has family or friends in workplaces that are not union to reach out to them, have a conversation about unionizing their workplace, and put them in touch with our organizers,” said Gloria Segura.

Many workers and the general public doesn’t know that they are legally entitled to organize their workplace. ANYONE on the job is entitled to organize and Unionize their workplace. Many workers just need a starting place.

I’m just one member of Teamsters Local 853, What can I do?

Sisters and Brothers,

For the entire time you will be a Teamsters 853 member, you will hear from the leadership to get involved with your union. We throw out slogans like “We are stronger together”, and “Strength in numbers”.

But what does it really mean to get involved with the Teamsters 853 union? What can one member do to help. And how does that effort translate into helping our members or working women and men in general?

Three new members make a huge impact.

This is the story of Three Premier Recycler members in San Jose who stood up to testify to the San Jose City Council on wage theft. Their testimony contributed to convincing several council members to aggressively and publically stand up to Premier Recycle and advocate specifically for the workers and their contract.

Roughly a year ago, Premier Recycle workers in San Jose voted to unionize their workplace as Teamster 853 members. For the past year, Premier Recycle has employed standard union-busting tactics to stall a Union contract from moving forward. The longer they stall, the better it is for them.

So recently, Teamster 853 members Alex Obeso, Ramon Castillo, and Mike Flores from Premier Recycle, along with Business Agent Jesse Casqueiro and Vice President Ray Torres, took the opportunity to make statements to the San Jose City Council on wage theft in their industry.

Around the same time, a letter was written on behalf of three of the San Jose city council members to the company that owns Premier Recycle. This excerpt sums up the tone of the letter.

“We are well acquainted with the strategies you are all implementing to intimidate your workers from organizing and ensuring a quality workplace. We have heard concerns of safety & wage theft claims, falsification of votes, unwarranted surveillance and a general environment of hostility, division and divisiveness among other unfair labor practices.
Let it be known that we take jeopardizing the wellbeing of working families as a personal issue. The resilience and strength of San José is built upon the labor of the working-class. This is an understanding that many of our Council colleagues share. ”

San Jose Councilmember, Peter Ortiz

Read the whole letter from three San Jose council members to the owners of Premier Recycle.

This is the power of participation of just three members of Teamsters Local 853, who stepped up and decided to get involved. Their actions resulted in securing strong allies in government who will advocate for workers everywhere. 

So when you say, “I’m just one member of Teamsters Local 853, what can I do?” We say a lot!!! Now you know just one way members can change things for the better.

There are also simple ways to get involved in your union.

Teamsters are stronger together. Get involved in your Union, and make a difference!

Teamsters Local 853

DHL in Sunnyvale Rally Big to Support DHL CVG workers in Ohio and Kentucky

In a world where Corporations spend huge amounts of money and time to aggressively prevent workers from unionizing, Unions have a secret weapon. The truth. The truth that Unions provide better wages, benefits, working conditions, and safety for workers in just about every industry across the Country.

But Unions don’t have the millions to go dollar for dollar against these union busters. But we do have the ability to tell the truth, spoken by those who know: the workers who do the jobs.

That’s exactly what DHL workers in Sunnyvale did yesterday at a rally to support over 1000 non-union DHL workers in Ohio and Kentucky who have an upcoming union vote.

When we say that Teamsters 853 members need to be involved in the Union process, this is what we mean. Simply hearing from members that wear the same DHL uniform that Union is better for their future will give those workers the confidence they need to vote UNION YES!

The below messages were sent to those 1000+ members.

Thank you, DHL Sunnyvale, for stepping up for these workers.

Teamster 853 Members Make Public Statements & Successfully Convince San Jose City Council

Teamster 853 members Alex Obeso and Ramon Castillo from Premier Recycle, along with Business Agent Jesse Casqueiro and Vice President Ray Torres, made statements to the San Jose City Council this week.

Their statements were made to convince the San Jose City Council to extend wage theft protections to public works projects. They were successful in their efforts.

These efforts to give voice to working women and men and to participate in public discourse for legislative initiatives are critical to successfully protecting working men and women.

Thank you, Alex and Ramon, for stepping up to help.

Teamsters General President Makes Surprise Stop at Teamsters Local 853

The staff at Teamsters Local 853 were caught off guard this morning by a surprise visit from Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien, who was in the area for other business and thought to stop by.

“He just showed up this morning at the front window,” said Kim Drinkward, Teamsters Bookkeeper, “everyone was surprised and excited to see him come by and show support for our local and the staff.”

Most of the BAs and Executives were out of the office at barns or other functions, giving General President O’Brien time to visit with the folks who rarely share the limelight, but do the essential and often challenging work of keeping the local running smoothly—the office staff of Teamsters Local 853.

DHL Day of Action for Sisters & Brothers in Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky

Teamsters 853 Sisters and Brothers,

Over 1000 workers will soon vote in a union election at DHL Express’ biggest international package hub in the US. DHL Express managers have increased pressure on these workers with repeated acts of intimidation, threats, and retaliation.

As their election date draws near, these workers need your support to know that Teamsters everywhere have their backs, and that a better future is within their grasp.

Teamsters Local 853 will be participating by having a day of action Wednesday the 19th at 7:30am at the DHL PAO station in Sunnyvale. We will be bringing the barbecue and making breakfast burritos for members attending.

Please consider putting this in your schedule and support the 1000+ members who are in this fight.