California Workforce Development Board Visit – Behind the Scenes – Teamster 853 Labor leaders, members, willing companies, and government officials working together to ensure the rights of California workers

The success of the Labor movement depends on many variables. Two of the most important are the solidarity of our members and our leaders’ ability to work with politicians and government organizations to create partnerships and laws that support workers in our communities. If done well, the results are our members’ good contracts.

Member-Company Partnership and Showcase

This year, GILLIG has been a focal point of many high-level political visits because Teamsters Local 853 members and the company have forged a strong worker-company bond that showcases what can be done when the company and their employees work well together. Last week, they hosted a meeting with California Workforce Development Board Executive Director Kaina Pereira, Secretary Stewart Knox, and Asst. Deputy Secretary of Climate, Derek Kirk.

What Got Done

At this meeting, Teamsters Local 853 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beck, President Steven Lua, and GILLIG Shop Stewards had meaningful discussions with these politicians along with executives from GILLIG. The meeting focused on the continuing need for partnerships at all levels of government to have the support of labor and the companies they represent. These partnerships help secure industry-leading contracts at Teamsters Local 853, which includes important retirement benefits for hundreds of members and their families.

Obligation to Our Members

“The battle between greedy corporations and working families is never-ending,” said Steve Beck, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 853. “As the ones chosen by our membership to lead our Local, we owe them our vigilance and hard work to continue to come out on top, and these meetings and negotiations are one of the ways we fulfill that obligation to our members.”