Autonomous Vehicles are not ready, Join us as we take the fight to RoboTaxi Company, Cruise, in San Francisco this Tuesday, Oct. 24th

Sisters and Brothers,

When Governor Newsom vetoed AB316, a bill that would have protected Union Jobs and put corporate greed in check, Teamsters do what they have always done. Continue the fight at a different angle. Because we only lose when we stop fighting. So we continue using our considerable voice for working women and men in California to stand up for what is right.

In that spirit, the next battle has been chosen at the San Francisco Headquarters of RoboTaxi Company, Cruise.

On Oct. 24, Cruise, a robotaxi company backed by GM, Honda, Microsoft and others, will release their 3rd quarter earnings and we want a big crowd outside to tell them and their shareholders to put PEOPLE OVER PROFITS! Our families and communities should not be used as lab rats for corporations to profit.

9:00 am Tuesday, Oct. 24
333 Brannan St.
(Stanford Alley)
San Francisco, CA 94107

If you think you can make it, please sign up here so we can best plan for this rally.

Teamsters Lost 5 Billion to Yellow. Take One(1) minute to Write Senator Padilla here: Mismanaged companies like Yellow should not be able to avoid accountability by simply filing for bankruptcy.

Sisters and Brothers,

An informed and active electorate can get things done. That is why we are writing you today.

You may have heard the news that the freight company Yellow recently filed for bankruptcy, which put 22,000 Teamsters out of work and allowed Yellow to walk away from their responsibility and debt. Leaving Teamsters holding the bag for 5 Billion in financial sacrifices that were conceded by members to keep Yellow afloat since 2009.

But you, as an educated Teamster, can help right this wrong by taking one minute to fill out this form and send a pre-written letter to Senator Padilla asking him to consider the ramifications of these weak Bankruptcy laws and to support reform of our nation’s bankruptcy laws.

The reason corporations get away with this “free pass” bankruptcy is because not enough working citizens are aware that there is a better choice. We have to continually The reason corporations get away with this “free pass” bankruptcy is that not enough working citizens are aware that there is a better choice. We have to continually speak up in force as a significant voting block in California.

So we are asking you to take 1 minute out of your day to send this form letter to our Senior California Senator Alex Padilla to help right this bankruptcy wrong. The more well-educated we are on these topics, the more we can help control and prevent this type of injustice from happening in the future.

No Teamster working for a corporation is safe, while these bankruptcy laws remain the way they are. The next bankruptcy could be your employer, so please help and act now.

In Union,

Steve Beck, Steven Lua, and the entire Teamsters 853 Staff

Amports Members are in the middle of negotiating their next contract.

If you have ever purchased a new car and asked for something to be added to the car like a tow hitch or roof rack, where do you think these additions happen? Not at the factory. Large car companies ship cars with basic model builds, and when a dealership receives an order for a car modification, the Teamsters at Amports are the folks who do this work before the car arrives at the dealership. They are the gatekeepers between ordering the car and delivering it to the dealership with the requested modifications.

So the next time you or someone you know buys a new car in the Bay Area, just know that before that car gets delivered, it’s likely a skilled Teamster made sure that the car is properly equipped and ready to deliver.

So now these skilled workers at Amports are in the middle of negotiating their next contract. Pictured are members at the VW/Audi compound who are banding together to ensure they get a fair and good contract because they ensure Amports customers get a good product on the other end.

After the last and best offer, Bimbo Teamsters vote overwhelmingly to strike If needed.

In August, Teamster members working at Bimbo turned down the company’s Last Best and Final offer during contract negotiations. They then overwhelmingly voted to authorize us to strike if the need arises. Some of the issues still not adequately addressed were the two-tier workforce as well as wage increases that can keep up with the rising costs of living in the Bay Area.

This is a master contract that includes 11 other locals covering Northern California and parts of Southern California.

“ I am so proud of these members for standing up for their rights; these men and women are not trying to be greedy; they just want a fair contract,” said Stacy Murphy, Teamsters 853 Business Representative.

Teamster 853 Member’s Son Awarded Joint Council 7 Harry Polland/Bob Morales Scholarship

Alex Nakano, son of RNDC Teamster 853 member Kurt Nakano, was presented with the JC7 Scholarship this year at our September monthly meeting. Alex was selected as the winning recipient after providing his most recent education transcripts, extracurricular and community activities, and an essay he wrote on  “The Importance of Labor Unions.”

Pictured with Alex are his parents, Kurt and Diana, and his old and younger brothers, Victor and Alex, respectively, along with Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beck and President Steven Lua.

This is always a bright spot in our year,” Said Teamsters 853 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beck. “It’s a nice position to represent an organization that cares for its members and provides opportunities for their children to further their education.”

Labor Fun Fact: Did you know that San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s higher education was partially funded by her Uncle, who was a Teamster? Yes, it’s true, Mayor London Breed might not be where she is today without the support structure that the Teamsters provided her.

Watsonville Community Hospital Teamsters are gearing up for contract negotiations Post-COVID – Time to be treated and Paid for the Heroes They Are!

Can we please give a big shout-out to our Watsonville Community Hospital Teamsters 853 members? They are gearing up for contract negotiations. This upcoming contract is important as it is the first time they bargain since COVID.

The city of Watsonville depends on these hard-working members who were at the front line of the pandemic, putting the health and safety of others ahead of their own, every day for over two years. 👉 It’s time to be treated and paid like the heroes that they are.

Teamsters Get Longtime Laz Employee’s Seniority Back

Teamsters 853 Member Ali Shabana (in vest) was laid off in June 2016 when Laz took over parking management at Kaiser, Oakland.  Laz rehired him four months later without recognizing his original seniority date of 2012. So Ali has been forced to BID with lower seniority.  

When Ali brought his circumstances to his Business Agent, James Long, they threatened a grievance against Laz.   The company then agreed to reinstate his correct seniority. Ali is now enjoying his new Bid shift.  His friend, Shokey Aliwoig(also pictured), assisted us as an interpreter during the process.   

This is an example of how things work with Teamsters Local 853 members. If you have been unjustly treated on the job, you have a voice, and we will make sure that the letter of the contract is being followed and defend you and your rights.  When Teamsters fight, Teamsters win!

Two Teamster Employers Connect Coincidentally in a Goodwill Effort to Support our Underprivileged Communities

853 Teamster members from two employers unexpectedly connected last week in a goodwill effort to package thousands of pounds of food for the underprivileged.

Props to Teamster 853 members from RNDC Liquors and their employer for giving members a paid day to go to another Teamster 853 company, Second Harvest. There, they worked their day to package 13,282 pounds of food to be distributed to various sites that Second Harvest serves. Their efforts resulted in 2,200 packaged meals!

Being a Teamster means you are in a family that takes care of each other and the communities that we live and work in. RNDC is a family-owned business and Second Harvest is a company whose mission is to end hunger in our communities. The Teamster 853 members who volunteered to do this work deserve recognition for making our communities better with their efforts.

Keep it up, sisters and brothers, we are all a community and you are making the world a better place.

Recognition to those Members from RNDC who made it happen - 2,200 Meals Packaged in one day!!

Ryan Rangel
Danny Gonzalez
Josie Maravillo
Jason Mickelson
Adrian Fernandez
Martin Rodriguez
Luis Del Rio
Israel Martinez
Francis Nieves
Tony Oliveri

AB316 Rally Bus Schedules / Departure Details / RSVP

Sisters and Brothers,

In four days, the Teamsters have a monumental opportunity to push back hard against corporate greed at a State Level. AB316 protects Teamster Jobs, makes streets safer, and puts corporate greed in check.

If you are not working this Tuesday, please join our rally in Sacramento to deliver a message to Governor Newsom to sign this bill.

We now have buses available in several locations that are leaving early Tuesday morning. Show up, jump on, wear Teamster 853 clothing, and let’s do this!!

Please click the links below and sign up to make sure your seat is saved for you.

East Bay
7 AM: Dublin - IBEW Local 595 Hall - 6250 Village Pkwy #205
8 AM: Martinez - Teamsters Local 315 Hall, 2727 Alhambra Ave
8:45 AM: Fairfield - Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 - 4350 Central Pl
San Francisco
8AM: the Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco
North Valley
7:30 am: NVLF Office (417 7th St. Modesto)
8am: Teamsters Local 439 (1531 E Fremont St. #5 Stockton).

Monthly Member Meeting is Thursday, September 14th

Our monthly member meeting for September is this Thursday, September 14th. Show up and participate in the events and decisions that affect your Union and workplace.
Time: Doors Close at 7 PM(usually 30-60 min. long)
Where: Teamsters Local Union 853, 7750 Pardee Lane
Oakland, California 94621 – Phone: 510-895-8853