Continuing the Legacy of Those Who Came Before Us.

853 Sisters and Brothers,

Labor Day holds immense significance for Teamster members as it commemorates our union’s hard-fought victories and enduring Solidarity. This day honors the dedication of those who rallied for workers’ rights, leading to better wages, improved working conditions, and the establishment of unions. It reminds us of the power of collective action and the ongoing struggle for fair treatment in our workplaces.

Union members celebrate Labor Day not only as a moment to rest but also as a testament to their ongoing commitment to preserving and advancing workers’ rights across various industries, embodying the essence of unity and progress.

👉 It is crucial as Teamster Members to understand that our good jobs came from the struggle of so many before us. And that without regular participation in this process, our good jobs will suffer under the pressure of corporate greed and exploitation.

👉 When you celebrate your day off for Labor Day this coming Monday, please consider our past and what you might do to further our cause that so many before us started.

In Solidarity,

Steve Beck, Steven Lua, and the entire Teamster 853 Staff

Rally for Good Jobs and Safe Streets – Can you attend?

Sisters and Brothers,

It’s no secret that the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is reshaping entire industries. This is triggering unprecedented changes in how we live and work and threatens the livelihoods of millions of working people nationwide.
Teamster drivers are at the forefront of this fight as autonomous vehicles are rolled out across the state.
Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) on public roads with little regulation and without a human operator are fatal threats to Californians’ lives and livelihoods.
Join Teamsters and California Labor as we caravan across the state to our Capitol in Sacramento to call on Gov. Newsom to sign AB 316 to protect good union jobs and keep our streets safe.


Sacramento Capital
Sutter Health Park 
400 Ballpark Dr 
W. Sacramento, CA 95691 

Tuesday, Sept. 19 @10am 


Peter Ortiz, Domingo Candelas, Omar Torres

San Jose Members – These City Council Members Have your Back, Remember their Names During Election Time

We cannot do it alone. Cities and towns that support unions aren’t simply willed into being. Working and living in a city that supports unions is the result of vocal members of the community and body politic.

We, as Teamsters 853 members, have to be aware of the politics in our cities and towns and then actively vote for elected officials that support union workplaces.

In the case of San Jose, Teamsters Local 853 would like to acknowledge three city council members who have been recent standouts for supporting our members’ causes. They have worked to bring and maintain fair and equitable employment to the people who work and live in San Jose.

San Jose City Councilmember Peter Ortiz, who represents District 5

San Jose City Councilmember Omar Torres, who represents District 3

San Jose City Councilmember Domingo Candelas, who represents District 8

All three of these council members showed up at our Strike at Premier Recycle and also penned a letter to the owners of Premier Recycle expressing support for the workers there. Premier Recycle has benefited from many San Jose city contracts, so the influence on their business from these council members is considerable.

Thank you, Councilmembers Ortiz, Torres, and Candelas, for your support. You have our backs, and come election time; San Jose Teamsters will have yours!!

Below is the letter these council members wrote to the owners of Premier Recycle.

Teamster 853 Members Make Public Statements & Successfully Convince San Jose City Council

Teamster 853 members Alex Obeso and Ramon Castillo from Premier Recycle, along with Business Agent Jesse Casqueiro and Vice President Ray Torres, made statements to the San Jose City Council this week.

Their statements were made to convince the San Jose City Council to extend wage theft protections to public works projects. They were successful in their efforts.

These efforts to give voice to working women and men and to participate in public discourse for legislative initiatives are critical to successfully protecting working men and women.

Thank you, Alex and Ramon, for stepping up to help.

Teamsters General President Makes Surprise Stop at Teamsters Local 853

The staff at Teamsters Local 853 were caught off guard this morning by a surprise visit from Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien, who was in the area for other business and thought to stop by.

“He just showed up this morning at the front window,” said Kim Drinkward, Teamsters Bookkeeper, “everyone was surprised and excited to see him come by and show support for our local and the staff.”

Most of the BAs and Executives were out of the office at barns or other functions, giving General President O’Brien time to visit with the folks who rarely share the limelight, but do the essential and often challenging work of keeping the local running smoothly—the office staff of Teamsters Local 853.

Alliance Graphics Teamsters – 33 Years and counting as the Standard Bearer for Union-Made Graphics, Design & Products

Here are the Local 853 members at Alliance Graphics; they are proud union professionals who are also artists. They’ve been designing and producing union-made hats, buttons, t-shirts, decals, coffee cups and a ton of other items at Alliance since 1990.

In an industry where the lowest cost often dictates success, these dedicated professionals at Alliance Graphics stand out above their field.

Golden Brands in SF Ratifies Four(4) Year Contract with a Full Recommendation from the Union Negotiating Committee

Teamsters at Golden Brands in San Francisco on Saturday ratified a four-year contract that had the full support of the Union Negotiating Committee. 87 of 117 members in the unit showed up Saturday morning to vote.

“I’m extremely proud of these members and want to say special thanks to my STRONG, VOCAL & FOCUSED negotiating committee,” said Business Agent Efren Alarcon. “Because these four stuck together, they ensured the whole group got a good contract!”

Congratulations to our Sisters and Brothers at Golden Brands.

Negotiating Committee
Angelo Hernandez - Sales steward 
Matt Strachan - Driver steward 
Joel Garcia - Warehouse steward
Xavier Landa - Merchandiser steward