Continuing the Legacy of Those Who Came Before Us.

853 Sisters and Brothers,

Labor Day holds immense significance for Teamster members as it commemorates our union’s hard-fought victories and enduring Solidarity. This day honors the dedication of those who rallied for workers’ rights, leading to better wages, improved working conditions, and the establishment of unions. It reminds us of the power of collective action and the ongoing struggle for fair treatment in our workplaces.

Union members celebrate Labor Day not only as a moment to rest but also as a testament to their ongoing commitment to preserving and advancing workers’ rights across various industries, embodying the essence of unity and progress.

👉 It is crucial as Teamster Members to understand that our good jobs came from the struggle of so many before us. And that without regular participation in this process, our good jobs will suffer under the pressure of corporate greed and exploitation.

👉 When you celebrate your day off for Labor Day this coming Monday, please consider our past and what you might do to further our cause that so many before us started.

In Solidarity,

Steve Beck, Steven Lua, and the entire Teamster 853 Staff