Two Teamster Employers Connect Coincidentally in a Goodwill Effort to Support our Underprivileged Communities

853 Teamster members from two employers unexpectedly connected last week in a goodwill effort to package thousands of pounds of food for the underprivileged.

Props to Teamster 853 members from RNDC Liquors and their employer for giving members a paid day to go to another Teamster 853 company, Second Harvest. There, they worked their day to package 13,282 pounds of food to be distributed to various sites that Second Harvest serves. Their efforts resulted in 2,200 packaged meals!

Being a Teamster means you are in a family that takes care of each other and the communities that we live and work in. RNDC is a family-owned business and Second Harvest is a company whose mission is to end hunger in our communities. The Teamster 853 members who volunteered to do this work deserve recognition for making our communities better with their efforts.

Keep it up, sisters and brothers, we are all a community and you are making the world a better place.

Recognition to those Members from RNDC who made it happen - 2,200 Meals Packaged in one day!!

Ryan Rangel
Danny Gonzalez
Josie Maravillo
Jason Mickelson
Adrian Fernandez
Martin Rodriguez
Luis Del Rio
Israel Martinez
Francis Nieves
Tony Oliveri