Teamsters Get Longtime Laz Employee’s Seniority Back

Teamsters 853 Member Ali Shabana (in vest) was laid off in June 2016 when Laz took over parking management at Kaiser, Oakland.  Laz rehired him four months later without recognizing his original seniority date of 2012. So Ali has been forced to BID with lower seniority.  

When Ali brought his circumstances to his Business Agent, James Long, they threatened a grievance against Laz.   The company then agreed to reinstate his correct seniority. Ali is now enjoying his new Bid shift.  His friend, Shokey Aliwoig(also pictured), assisted us as an interpreter during the process.   

This is an example of how things work with Teamsters Local 853 members. If you have been unjustly treated on the job, you have a voice, and we will make sure that the letter of the contract is being followed and defend you and your rights.  When Teamsters fight, Teamsters win!