Union Busting

Performance Food Group Livermore – Take it from those PFG Members who know – stick together, Hold the line and Your lives will change for the better!

PFG Gilroy Members Who Just Voted To Unionize Have a Message for PFG in Livermore.

PFG members from Teamsters Local 863 in New Jersey have a message for PFG Livermore.

Soldier on and keep up the fight. Don’t believe these Union Busters; they will tell you anything they need to in an attempt to divide you and collect their pay from PFG.

In Union,

Your Teamster brothers and sisters, far and wide, who are in the fight with you!!

An ask from Teamsters 853 Leadership. Every penny helps these Amazon Members. Do not be embarrassed to donate as little as $1. It helps.

Sisters and Brothers,

Members in Southern California have been fighting with Amazon to bargain, and as most anti-union companies do, they are stalling to negotiate a contract. They have used every tactic possible, and these members refused to budge. They need our help. Please donate to support these members who are taking on a more significant fight than just Southern California Amazon. They are fighting for all workers in Amazon facilities nationwide to organize for a better future and BECOME TEAMSTERS! Your donations will go towards bridging the gap of lost wages during a strike against Amazon for better working conditions. Every penny helps. Do not be embarrassed to donate as little as $1. It helps.

Follow this link to donate by secure Act Blue: teamsters853.net/AmazonDonation

or Donate by Secure Act Blue by scanning this code and donating.

In Union,
Steve Beck  
Teamsters Local 853

DHL in Sunnyvale Rally Big to Support DHL CVG workers in Ohio and Kentucky

In a world where Corporations spend huge amounts of money and time to aggressively prevent workers from unionizing, Unions have a secret weapon. The truth. The truth that Unions provide better wages, benefits, working conditions, and safety for workers in just about every industry across the Country.

But Unions don’t have the millions to go dollar for dollar against these union busters. But we do have the ability to tell the truth, spoken by those who know: the workers who do the jobs.

That’s exactly what DHL workers in Sunnyvale did yesterday at a rally to support over 1000 non-union DHL workers in Ohio and Kentucky who have an upcoming union vote.

When we say that Teamsters 853 members need to be involved in the Union process, this is what we mean. Simply hearing from members that wear the same DHL uniform that Union is better for their future will give those workers the confidence they need to vote UNION YES!

The below messages were sent to those 1000+ members.

Thank you, DHL Sunnyvale, for stepping up for these workers.

DHL Day of Action for Sisters & Brothers in Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky

Teamsters 853 Sisters and Brothers,

Over 1000 workers will soon vote in a union election at DHL Express’ biggest international package hub in the US. DHL Express managers have increased pressure on these workers with repeated acts of intimidation, threats, and retaliation.

As their election date draws near, these workers need your support to know that Teamsters everywhere have their backs, and that a better future is within their grasp.

Teamsters Local 853 will be participating by having a day of action Wednesday the 19th at 7:30am at the DHL PAO station in Sunnyvale. We will be bringing the barbecue and making breakfast burritos for members attending.

Please consider putting this in your schedule and support the 1000+ members who are in this fight.

UNFI Drivers Bust the Union Buster’s Lies Being told at Performance Food Group(PFG)

Performance Food Group drivers in Gilroy. Your vote is on April 6th. We understand that your company has hired some professional union busters to come in and create doubt and fear in your minds that a Union will not benefit you.

Performance Food Group nationally is extremely anti-Union and will never give you a fair deal as long as they hold all the cards. Without a Union, you are divided and conquerable. It’s an old strategy that works, to divide and conquer. In a Union, we have power because we speak with one voice undivided.

Don’t believe the union-busting hype! Vote to unionize and you will be securing a better future for you and your family.

We heard the Union Busters claim that UNFI in Gilroy was unhappy with their Union. Well, we asked the UNFI drivers.

Who do you trust?

Are you happy with your Teamsters Contract?
A message from UNFI to the Union Busters at PFG
Union Members Have a voice and are protected