UNFI Drivers Bust the Union Buster’s Lies Being told at Performance Food Group(PFG)

Performance Food Group drivers in Gilroy. Your vote is on April 6th. We understand that your company has hired some professional union busters to come in and create doubt and fear in your minds that a Union will not benefit you.

Performance Food Group nationally is extremely anti-Union and will never give you a fair deal as long as they hold all the cards. Without a Union, you are divided and conquerable. It’s an old strategy that works, to divide and conquer. In a Union, we have power because we speak with one voice undivided.

Don’t believe the union-busting hype! Vote to unionize and you will be securing a better future for you and your family.

We heard the Union Busters claim that UNFI in Gilroy was unhappy with their Union. Well, we asked the UNFI drivers.

Who do you trust?

Are you happy with your Teamsters Contract?
A message from UNFI to the Union Busters at PFG
Union Members Have a voice and are protected