US Foods Livermore Negotiating Updates

US Foods Drivers Group in Livermore,

We have a lot of movement going on right now regarding your progress and wanted to give you some updates.

  1. Your election has been recognized and certified by the NLRB(National Labor Relations Board.)
  2. We have assembled a bargaining committee of some of your fellow workers and have been in discussion.
  3. US Foods management has agreed to begin negotiating with your group this coming March.
  4. We will be announcing a proposal meeting for all US Foods Drivers in the next few weeks to discuss and submit a proposal to the company. This is where we all discuss what you want from the company. Then, we will draw up a formal proposal. 

Please stay tuned, and please attend the proposal meeting when we announce it to ensure you have your say and are informed of our progress.

In Union,

Ray Torres, Vice-President, Teamsters Local 853