S. Martinelli & Co. Step Up above and beyond for their fellow workers and a ratifies 3-year contract with 91% approval.

Saturday morning, over 130 members of S. Martinelli & Co. gathered to vote on their new agreement. The members secured improvements to both language and economics that led to a ratification vote with an approval of 91%. We got our members what they deserve and then some. This doesn’t mean the fight is over; we are eager to get to the table again in 3 years. It feels good to be able to deliver increases and protections never seen before, but we are always hungry for more. A big congratulations to all our members at S. Martinellis.

“What really helped was that we had a committee member from each department.” Said Teamsters 853 President Steven Lua, “Being able to have representation from each department allowed us to share the experience everyone has working for S. Martinelli in their respective area. The company took all that feedback and came back to the table with much more respect for these employees. I’m very proud to have witnessed our committee step up and do something uncomfortable for the betterment of their fellow sisters and brothers. It was selfless and the Teamster way!!”