It’s in US Foods best interest to confuse and lie to you to convince you to vote against the Union

There is a reason US Foods is giving you confusing, conflicting, and in some cases, outright lying about this vote. Plain and simple, US Foods will lose a lot of money once you become a union group. They can no longer dictate what they pay you and how they treat you. And that is a very big and expensive problem for the company.

So, of course, they want you to vote no. A YES vote means they can no longer take the profits they should rightly be paying you, the workers who make their company successful. Plain and simple math.

VOTE YES – and change your life for the better. Don’t wait, do it right now, mail it, and let’s get to the process of moving some of those profits over to where they belong, the workers! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

These are some answers to the lies we have heard US Foods has been telling you.

LIE # 2 – You will pay initiation fees —– TRUTH – You will NOT pay any initiation fees to join the union.

LIE # 3 – You will pay union fees as soon as you vote yes —- TRUTH – You will NOT pay union dues until your group has a contract with US Foods.

Listen to those who know, they took the time to do these videos because they know how life-changing it is to be in a Union.