US Foods Drivers, ballots were mailed out to your home on December 14th. A better future for you is today. CHECK YOUR MAILBOX!!!

There has been some confusion on how to vote. We have heard that US FOODS has been giving confusing, conflicting, or straight-out misinformation regarding this vote.

When you vote, ONLY MAKE ONE MARK on the Ballot—your vote. Marking your ballot in any other way will make the ballot invalid. – DO NOT SIGN IT, DO NOT DATE IT, just put an X in the box for your YES vote!!!

Mail your ballot back right away. If you fail to mail your ballot, your vote will not be counted.

DO NOT Sign the Ballot or mark it in any way other than your vote.

You will NOT pay any initiation fees to join the union.

You will NOT pay union dues until your group has a contract with US Foods.

Vice President Teamsters Local 104 in Arizona, who represents US Foods drivers sets the record straight on their last contract with US Foods.

Their last contract got a $3.35 raise upfront with $1 raises the subsequent 3 years along with free Teamsters health insurance for members and their families and Teamster Pension Fund. That is the power of bargaining as a unit, and not just taking what the employer offers.

If you have any questions, give Teamsters 853 Vice President Ray Torres a call at 661-903-2980.

Remember, in California these are the Union differences between Union and Non-Union. 
So if you vote YES, you will be more likely to secure better benefits and salary.

-higher wages (11.2% more than what nonunion workers make)
-employer-provided health insurance (96% compared to 69%)
-access to paid sick days (93% compared to 75%)
-retirement benefits through private employers (82% to 48%);
-and pensions through private employers are much more likely (54% to 8%).

Let’s do this. Pave the way to a stronger and better future for you and your family.