This Sunnyvale UPS Driver knew his rights, fought back, and got his job back.

When UPS management tried to deny his reinstatement, Nathanael Naranjo, a UPS Driver at Sunnyvale, did something about it.

Nathanael was taken off the job because of some educational compliance issues he was required to complete. And when he finished those requirements, he was eager to get back to work. But when he came back, UPS management said no. Their response was weak and vague as to the reason why, so Nathanael did what all members should do when they need help; he talked to his steward and his Business Agent.

In the three weeks that followed, Business Agent David Crawford coordinated a full-court press with Nathanael and the foothill center stewards against UPS management to get Nathanael reinstated. At every turn, the group was met with unreasonable and unrelenting resistance, but in the end, UPS management was forced to capitulate and put Nathanael back to work.

“What UPS management tried to do to Nathanael was wrong, so we got in there, wore them down, and forced them to make it right.” Said business agent David Crawford. “Nathanael and the stewards from the foothill center should be commended because they showed fierce Teamster determination and unity and never gave up. And it really paid off. I am really happy to see Nathanael back to work at the job he and his family count on.”