These San Jose City Council Members Have our Backs, please remember their names when it comes time to vote: Peter Ortiz – Omar Torres, and Domingo Candelas.

Sisters and Brothers,

Workers’ rights victories don’t just materialize out of thin air. There has to be pro-labor political representation in the communities we live and work, a presence of pro-labor organizations and community members willing to vote for these officials and workers who are on the job willing to stand against corporate greed.

If you live in San Jose, please remember the names of three city council members who have repeatedly gone to bat for the working community. Most recently, their fight to defend working women and men started with them publically supporting Teamster 853 members trying to unionize at Premier Recycling.

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Their fight has been publicly framed as a Union vs. Business battle. Corporate interests seeking to exploit workers, and pro-Union forces fighting for fair and livable wages and benefits.

In the most recent public fight, both Omar Torres and Peter Ortiz have accused some ‘business interests of going after them, partly because of the color of their skin.’

“These corporate interests chose to rely on racial stereotypes and dog whistles to accuse us and this movement of intimidation, bullying and even inciting violence,” Ortiz said.

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So please remember that where you are today, as a Teamster Local 853 member, your vacation, sick days, health care, pension, and wage increase, have all come with years and years of history, support, and hard-fought battles from those who came before us, and so must we step up and continue to fight the never-ending battle for good jobs in and around our communities. One easy way to contribute is to just remember the names of the politicians that stood up for us and vote for them in the future.