Scholarship Available to Teamster Children and Dependents

The Joint Council 7, Harry Polland/Robert Morales Scholarship Program

This scholarship is named for Harry Polland, the long-time Joint Council 7 Economist who was responsible for negotiating and improving Teamster contracts throughout California. And Robert Morales, Secretary-Treasurer to Teamsters Joint Council 7 and Teamsters Local 350 and Director of the IBT’s Solid Waste Division. Robert had the ability to negotiate the best Waste Division contracts in the country and to lobby in the City and County of San Francisco for workers’ rights.

Although both small in stature, they were giants in the world of collective bargaining. This Scholarship is intended as a tribute to Harry and Bob’s efforts to ensure that Teamster jobs always provide the wages and benefits necessary to support families and enable Teamsters to send their children to college.