The fight against autonomous vehicles continues with a new political season and a new Assembly Bill AB2286 – and Teamsters 853 is there standing up for members statewide.

Public safety and good-paying Teamster’s jobs are on the line. In light of many public safety incidents that have risen in the past year with autonomous vehicles, Teamsters and aligned politicians this week organized to say we need this law.

This week, Teamsters from all over the Bay Area assembled in Sacramento under the lead of the Joint Council 7 to promote Assembly Bill 2286, which is a common sense approach to stop the unchallenged expansion of the Autonomous Vehicle industry.

Teamsters Local 853 Business Agents Gloria Segura, James Long, Cesar Martinez, and Recording Secretary/Business Agent/Political Director Mike Henneberry, along with Assemblymember Liz Ortega, Representing the 20th California Assembly District, showed up in Sacramento yesterday to support the passage of a new Assembly Bill to protect our communities and jobs from the Autonomous Vehicle industry. The new legislation, AB2286, re-issues the common sense demands of last year’s AB316.

Since Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed AB 316 in September 2023, robot taxis have wreaked havoc on California streets, with one Cruise robotaxi running over a pedestrian in San Francisco and dragging her 20 feet, then leaving her trapped underneath the vehicle.

We must ensure that public safety and good-paying drivers’ jobs are considered when allowing this new AI technology to impact our communities. This bill is common sense. It provides a reasonable road map forward until we have a plan for our safety and our workers.

As election season approaches, we cannot stress enough to encourage your legislators to VOTE YES ON AB2286.

Local Alameda Politician Stands Up for Teamsters 853 Members

For those members who live in District 20, please remember Assembly Member Liz Ortega’s name when it comes time to vote for those who support Teamsters and the cause of working people everywhere in California.