After 59 years in business, Bottomley will close its doors on Friday, most Teamsters to Move over to Matagrano.

Due to changes in the marketplace, longtime distributor Bottomley will close its doors for good on Friday, February 16th. They have been in business for 59 years in the Bay Area.

You might ask, what are the Teamsters there going to do? Well, luckily, just as these 55 members take off the Bottomley uniform this coming Friday, come this Monday morning, 40 of them will be putting on the Matagrano uniform without any change to their pensions or benefits. The remaining 15 are either retiring or pursuing other options.

We want to wish all of the members a good transition and are so happy that with the large network of employers that Teamsters Local 853 has, we can make the transition as painless as possible.