About Local 853

853 members elect new leadership

In December, Local 853 held its first contested election of officers in thirty years after ten “white ballots” (elections by acclamation).

At the nominations meeting on November 7, two slates of candidates for office were nominated. From that moment, through to the final vote tally a month later, the two groups traversed the local and visited dozens of shops, meeting members and promoting their vision for the union.  When the nearly than 2,700 votes were sorted and counted on December 5, the choice was clear.

Congratulations to the Members Rising Slate and many thanks for the hard work and dedication of the Members First Slate.

The new officers begin their three-year term on January 1. You’ll hear more from them in the new year. Here’s the roster:

Teamsters Local 853

Officers — Jan. 2023-Dec. 2026

Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer

Steve Beck


Steven Lua


Ray Torres

Recording Secretary

Mike Henneberry


Joel Bellison

Gloria Segura

Andrew Nunes

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