US Foods will make every excuse why you should not unionize, but here are the real facts that are undeniable

These are the differences between Union and Non-Union. 
Union workers get better benefits, salary, and have real job protection.

-higher wages (UNION WORKERS MAKE 11.2% more than what NON-UNION workers make)
-employer-provided health insurance (96% for UNION vs. 69% for NON-UNION)
-access to paid sick days (93% for UNION vs. 75% for NON-UNION)
-retirement benefits through private employers (82% for UNION vs. 48% for NON-UNION);
-and pensions through private employers are much more likely (54% for UNION vs. 8% for NON-UNION).

Take it from these US Foods Drivers in Livermore - stick together and fight for a better life for you and your family - and you will get it!