UPS Negotiations Update – March 17th

Teamsters Local 853 Sisters and Brothers working for UPS,

The Northern California Teamsters Committee met the week of March 17, 2023, and concluded a weeklong bargaining session with UPS on the Nor Cal Sort and Supplemental Agreements. The Committee continued working on proposals and counterproposals, however, there have not been any new tentative agreements. Many of the problems our members face each day are problems that UPS created, and that UPS has failed thus far to adequately address in these negotiations. The Union Committee had face-to-face across-the-table bargaining each day; actual time has been minimal. Many of the problems UPS has failed to correct include but are not limited to Vacation accrual and selection process, payroll errors, Market Rate Adjustment, and Route Bidding. Grievance Procedure, Seniority Lists, and Approved Leave. While this committee is committed to improving our agreement, holding UPS accountable to resolve problems they’ve created is fundamental. UPS continues to put a monetary cost to all of the Union proposals as UPS continues to propose language that would affect holiday pay, delayed starts, and the work week. Tentative dates have been agreed to for the week of April 10th thru the 14th.