Teamster 853 Members Operate The Last Salt Harvesting and Packaging Company in the United States: Cargill Salt: Take A look inside at the Members that Keep this company running smoothly.

Some info about the sea salt that comes from the last American sea salt manufacturer right in our Bay Area backyard in Newark, CA.   

A 25-man Teamster 853 crew from Cargill Salt – solar plant keeps the whole operation going.  They harvest the salt from the ponds you see when you cross the San Mateo and Dumbarten bridges. 

They harvest over 800,000 tons of sea salt.  It takes five years to make the salt, from filling the ponds to bagging the product. And members from Teamsters 853 are the ones who do the work to make this product. From table salt to high-end specialty salts to the salts used to keep our icy mountain highways and streets thawed.

Thanks to Steward John for his leadership and for keeping management in line.

….And swing steward Robert Tapia

Big shout out to the whole Teamster 853 crew at Cargill Salt!!!

Photos and Story by James Long