Teamsters 853 Membership Application for UPS

Union dues and other payments made to the Union are not tax-deductible...

Teamsters Local 853 provides a life insurance plan that is intended to provide your loved one with enough to provide for a proper burial in the event of your death. Please provide the name of a beneficiary.
Ie: Parent, Spouse, Child, Friend, Etc..

I the undersigned hereby apply for admission to membership in the above Local Union and voluntarily choose and designate it as my representative for purposes of Collective Bargaining hereby revoking any contrary designation.  If admitted to membership, I agree to abide by the Constitution of the International as well as the Local Union Bylaws, which are not in conflict with International laws and thereupon accept and assume the following oath of obligation: 

Oath: I pledge my honor to faithfully observe the Constitution and laws of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. I pledge that I will comply with all the rules and regulations for the government of the International Union and this Local Union.  I will faithfully perform all the duties assigned to me to the best of my ability and skill.  I will conduct myself at all times in a manner as not to bring reproach upon my Union. I shall take an affirmative part in the business and activities of the Union and accept and discharge my responsibilities during any authorized strike or lockout.  I will never discriminate against a fellow worker on account of creed, color or nationality.  I will at all times bear true and faithful allegiance to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and this Local Union. 

Checkoff Authorization and Assignment  (where applicable)

I hereby authorize my Employer to deduct from my wages each and every month, an amount equal to the monthly dues, initiation fees, and uniform assessments of the Local, and direct such amounts so deducted to be turned over each month to the Secretary-Treasurer of such Local, for and on my behalf. 

This authorization is voluntary and is not conditional on my present or future membership in the Union. This authorization and assignment shall be irrevocable for the term of the applicable contract between the Union and the Employer or for one year, whichever is lesser, and shall automatically renew itself for successive yearly or applicable contract periods thereafter, whichever is lesser, unless I give written notice to the Company and the Union at least sixty (60) days, but not more than seventy-five (75) days before any periodic renewal date of this authorization and assignment of my desire to revoke same. 


I understand that the Collective Bargaining Agreement covering my job includes a union security clause, which requires union membership as a condition of employment.  Under the law, I understand that I may satisfy this requirement in any one of three ways. 1.) I can become a member in good standing by paying the Union’s initiation fee and monthly dues and other charges pursuant to the Local Union bylaws; 2.) I can simply pay uniform initiation fees and monthly dues, and choose not to become a member; 3.) I can become a service fee payer and pay a percentage of the initiation fee and monthly dues, based on the amount the Union’s collective bargaining expenditures bears to the Union’s total expenditures.  This means that I would pay for representation in collective bargaining, but not contribute my share of the Union expenditures for civic, charitable, and other activities not directly related to collective bargaining. A service payer is not a union member. If I decide to become a non-member service fee payer, or if I wish to pay full fees and dues without joining the Union, I must so notify the Union within thirty (30) days from the date on this application.  If the Union does not hear from me within thirty days, I will be treated as having decided in favor of full membership.  In any event, I will be required to pay the appropriate initiation fee and monthly payments as a condition of employment.  If I decide to become a non-member service fee payer, I will have the opportunity to challenge the correctness of the Union’s calculation of the service fee payment.  I will be given information as to how to do this upon my request, as well as a written explanation of the computation upon request at the Union’s office.  I understand that I can only participate fully in Union affairs if I am a member in good standing. 

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