Sunday, Nov 5th, was a historic day for Teamsters in the liquor industry. We Completed a Statewide Contract Ratification for 1500 members at Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits(SGWS) and Republic NationAL Distribution Company(RNDC)

Approximately 1500 members from 17 Teamster Locals in the Liquor industry in California came to an agreement and ratified their contract on Sunday.

“This was a great contract,” Said Liquor Chairman and Teamster 853 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beck. “We secured strong improvements to contract language and increases to benefits. But the thing I’m most happy with was the Northern California members coming together to vote in additional holidays for members in Southern California to match what the Northern CA members already have. They did this with no financial gain for themselves, only out of fairness and solidarity with the members in Southern California. That is the true meaning of standing in solidarity. And its how we win our best contracts”.

A big thank you to the negotiating committee who contributed to this contract. You all made this happen. Teamsters Locals 70, 87, 137, 150,166, 186, 315, 431, 630, 665, 683, 848, 853, 856, 952, 986, and 2785.