New contract at Genesis is worth the fight

They say the third time is the charm, and for the members at Genesis Logistics, it took three contract offers before they finally ratified their new 18-month contract on February 16, 2022.

Genesis Logistics is a Third-Party contractor that delivers to 7-11 stores from Fresno to Yuba City. Local 853 represents about 60 drivers and 40 warehouse workers at the Union City hub.

“While the union had recommended the first contract, the members turned it down,” says Business Rep Efren Alarcon. “We didn’t recommend the company’s second proposal and knew it wouldn’t pass. At that point, we were seriously considering going on strike,” he adds.

But the union stayed at the table and kept pushing. “Ultimately, we got a good 18-month contract that includes significant gains,” Alarcon explains. “The warehouse workers had been underpaid for many years, and they got a 15% increase in year one, with an additional dollar in the second year. The drivers got a 9% raise over the 18-month contract term.”

Alarcon says that they also changed the employer split on the medical plan, moving from 70-30 to 75-25, with the goal of getting an 80-20 split in the next contract. “And in another huge win, we changed how they pay for vacation time, ensuring that workers get their regular wage for vacation time, rather than a lower vacation rate.”

The committee backed the final contract unanimously and the members overwhelmingly ratified it. Their previous contract had expired on July 1, 2021; in lieu of retroactive pay, every member got a $3,000 signing bonus. Alarcon wanted to recognize the great work of the bargaining team: Trent Rivera, Ruben Picado, and Pete Hall.