Hertz – Oakland Airport – Big boost in hard-hit industry

If you rent a car from Hertz at the Oakland Airport, likely it will have been serviced by Teamster members. Thirty Local 853 members work as Vehicle Service Attendants who wash and detail returned rentals, and Tire and Lube Mechanics who change the cars’ oil and tires, and do basic maintenance.

These members and the whole airport car rental industry were hard hit during the height of the pandemic when airport travel dropped to almost zero. But as travel has gotten busy again, these workers needed a raise, and they definitely got one.

Business Rep Jonathan Pinney reports that the negotiations took nine long months. “The members will get a very substantial raise over the three-year contract duration, with a huge boost the first year. They also got large checks representing nine months of retro pay.” They’ll also see increases to their pension and vacation benefits while maintaining the current cost-sharing on the Teamsters health plan.