Governor Newsom stands with workers — Vote NO on the recall

Recall ballots have been mailed to every California voter and are due back on September 14. Your union strongly recommends that you just vote NO and mail your ballot back ASAP.

Governor Newsom deserves our support. He has led California through an unprecedented series of crises, including devastating wildfires, a national economic downturn and the worst pandemic in 100 years. Still, millionaires who want to dismantle our progress on worker protections are trying to shove their agenda down our throats with the anti-union recall.

Important Facts

Under Governor Newsom’s leadership, California is winning the war against the pandemic:

  • California moved quicker than any other large state to vaccinate its residents.
  • California distributed more vaccines – including to seniors, those with underlying conditions and essential workers — than all but five nations around the globe.
  • We have the lowest COVID case rate in the country.
  • Our economy is re-opening and people are getting back to work.

Who\’s behind the recall?

The backers of this recall are a who’s who of anti-union special interests. Combined, these corporate funders have spent tens of millions of dollars attacking unions and our agenda to protect workers. The anti-union recall backers want to lower wages, eliminate health and safety laws and kill union jobs.

This special election will cost Californians $300-$400 million even though Newsom was already up for re-election next year.

Here’s how the process works. You’ll get one ballot with two questions on it. Question one is: Should we recall the governor? Newsom needs 50% (plus one) voting NO on that question to stay in office. If he doesn’t get that, one of the 44 Republicans running will win by what could by a tiny proportion of the vote. It’s a dumb and expensive process that makes no sense for California.

Join us by voting NO on the anti-union recall!