Amports Members are in the middle of negotiating their next contract.

If you have ever purchased a new car and asked for something to be added to the car like a tow hitch or roof rack, where do you think these additions happen? Not at the factory. Large car companies ship cars with basic model builds, and when a dealership receives an order for a car modification, the Teamsters at Amports are the folks who do this work before the car arrives at the dealership. They are the gatekeepers between ordering the car and delivering it to the dealership with the requested modifications.

So the next time you or someone you know buys a new car in the Bay Area, just know that before that car gets delivered, it’s likely a skilled Teamster made sure that the car is properly equipped and ready to deliver.

So now these skilled workers at Amports are in the middle of negotiating their next contract. Pictured are members at the VW/Audi compound who are banding together to ensure they get a fair and good contract because they ensure Amports customers get a good product on the other end.