In a Hard fought battle, PFG Drivers in Gilroy gave a lot worse then they got and prevailed. They voted to Unionize!!

“Performance Food Group didn’t pull any punches against their drivers. They hired union busters, intimidated and threatened drivers, and terminated employees.” Said Ray Torres, Vice President of Teamsters Local 853. “But in the end, these drivers understood the value of sticking together and successfully voted to unionize. We now look forward to getting these drivers the contract they deserve.”

Teamsters Local 853 has strategically focused on Performance Food Groups as they are the second largest food delivery company in the United States, only behind Sysco.

The leadership of Teamsters Local 853 has been closely following and supporting these efforts along with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. There are many more PFG workers who could benefit greatly from unionizing, and Teamsters Local 853 is on the march to secure those workers’ jobs.

“PFG workers were determined to win representation with Local 853. They were united from the start and only grew stronger as their campaign progressed,” said Tom Erickson, Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. “PFG workers are part of a growing movement for workers in the warehouse industry. They stood strong and fought back against this anti-union employer and won big. This victory shows that when workers stick together and take a stand, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish.”

Congratulations to all of the PFG drivers who voted to take control of their future.