400+ Days Since Premier Recycling Voted to Organize as they continue to work towards a first contract. After 3 wrongful layoffs, 1 wrongful termination, and countless hours of picketing, they deserve our respect and support for Staying Strong.

To all the members at Premier Recycling, we see you and applaud all the strength you have shown to stand up for your rights. You have maintained a steadfast commitment to a fair and equitable contract. A big shout-out to all of you as you continue to grind it out. You make us proud.

These members have had to endure three wrongful layoffs, one wrongful termination, false police reports, a frivolous restraining order, and false accusations of criminal activity and being gang members.

Pictured above are stewards Ramon Castillo, Alex Obeso, Mike Florez, and driver George Ochoa as they meet at the 853 Union Hall to join Zoom negotiations with the company. – Getting some movement and tentative agreements with the help of attorney Abel Rodriguez.