Teamster Websites

Joint Councils

Council Location Website
Joint Council 3 Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico. Idaho, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming
Joint Council 7 Northern California
Joint Council 10 New England
Joint Council 32 Minnesota
Joint Council 28 Washington State
Joint Council 38 California
Joint Council 40 Western PA
Joint Council 42 Southern California, Southern Nevada, Guam, and Hawaii
Joint Council 45 Iowa
Joint Council 91 Quebec, Canada

Teamster Locals

Local Location Website
Local 20 Toledo, OH
Local 24 Akron, OH
Local 38 Everett, WA
Local 70 Oakland, CA
Local 77 Ft. Washington, PA
Local 111 New York, NY
Local 115 Philadelphia, PA
Local 117 Seattle/Puge Sound, Washington
Local 118 Rochester, NY
Local 135 Indianapolis, Indiana
Local 174 Seattle, Washington
Local 177 Hillside, PA
Local 190 Billings, MT
Local 237 New York City and Long Island, NY
Local 250 Pittsburgh, PA
Local 284 Columbus, OH
Local 294 Albany, NY
Local 313 Tacoma, WA
Local 371 Rock Island, IL
Local 377 Youngstown, OH
Local 445 Newburgh, NY
Local 495 Pico Rivera, CA
Local 528 Atlanta, Augusta and Valdosta, Georgia
Local 537 Denver, CO
Local 542 San Diego, CA
Local 549 Blountville, TN
Local 570 Baltimore, MD
Local 600 St. Louis, MO
Local 705 Chicago, IL
Local 707 Hempstead, NY
Local 710 Chicago, IL
Local 831 Commerce, CA
Local 921 San Francisco, CA
Local 931 Quebec, Canada
Local 986 El Monte, CA
Local 1145 St. Paul, MN
Local 1224 Wilmington, OH
Local 2000 Bloomington, MN