Mergers make us bigger, stronger and richer

Secretary-Treasurer's Report January 2008

Over the past year and a half, Local 853 has completed four mergers: GCC Locals 583 and 468, then IBT Local 15, and now Local 78. When the leadership of a Local comes to Local 853 to merge, they do so in the belief that they are ensuring strong representation for their members into the future. I am honored by their confidence and believe that each merger signifies a tribute to our Local.

Further, each of these mergers requires a sacrifice by the officers and officials of the merging Local. Some may be giving up their position on the Executive Board; others may lose some authority. In all cases, the sacrifice is made for the benefit of the members of that Local.

The latest merger of Local 78 into Local 853 is one of the biggest mergers in the IBT in memory. By combining two successful, financially viable Locals, this merger creates one of the largest Locals in the nation, This is a case where size matters, because the merger gives Local 853 significant assets and power, enabling us to continue to provide our members superior representation. Employers will know that we have the resources to do what it takes to get our members the contracts they deserve.

Our immediate plans include re-modeling the Local 853 San Leandro Main office, in order to bring all of the staff of Local 78 into our building. The reconstruction may take months, so we will continue to utilize Local 78's Hayward offices. Agents and officers will still have their same phone numbers until construction is complete. While we eventually plan to sell the Hayward building, we will maintain the office in San Jose as well as our San Mateo office.

We hope for a smooth transition, but in the case of a few bumps, I ask that you be patient.

In closing, I wish to welcome our new members from Local 78 and I promise you that you will be proud to be a member of Local 853.


Rome Aloise, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 853

Rome Aloise,

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