Local 853 Positions on Propositions

On the February 5 ballot, we recommend:

Prop 91 -- Vote NO

Transportation Funding

The goal of Proposition 91 is to prevent the state from spending gas tax revenue on non-transportation related endeavors. While Proposition 91 was being qualified, the Governor and legislators put Proposition 1A on the November 2006 ballot to accomplish the same thing that Prop 91 set out to do. Labor supported Proposition 1A it voters passed it last year, therefore Proposition 91 is no longer necessary.

Prop 92 -- Vote YES

Community Colleges: Funding. Governance. Fees.

This initiative would give every Californian the chance to go to college by lowering fees from $26 per unit to $15 per unit. It also limits the rise in future fees, ensures stable funding for California community colleges, and guarantees that the community college system stays independent from state politics.

Prop 93 -- No Position

Limits on Legislators' Terms in Office.

Proposition 93 would shorten the total limit on legislative terms from 14 to 12 years, but would permit legislators to serve their entire term in either legislative house. Term limits have had many negative impacts on the legislature -- members not having enough time to gain expertise and constant jockeying for position, to name a few. We would like to see term limits reformed, but we are not sure that this initiative solves those problems. Teamsters have taken no position on Prop 93.

Props 94-97 -- Vote NO

Overturn Amendments to Indian Gaming Compacts

Under tribal law, casino workers on Indian reservations have no enforceable right to organize into a union unless it is expressly specified in the gaming compacts. These four gaming compacts do not include provisions to protect the rights of these workers, which is why Labor opposes these compacts as referenda. There is no more important issue to workers than the right to organize and collectively bargain for fair wages and improved working conditions.

Voting Booth Summary

  • Prop 91: NO
  • Prop 92: YES
  • Prop 93:
    no position
  • Props 94-97: NO