Teamsters can impact the 2008 elections through DRIVE

It is money, money, money! Not ideas, not principles, but money that reigns supreme in American politics. -- Senator Robert Byrd

As the 2008 Presidential elections approach, hundreds of millions of dollars will be raised and spent to try to influence who runs our nation for the next four years. If we, as Teamsters, want to have a say in our future; if we want a National Labor Relations Board that works for fairness rather than for corporate interests; if we want good jobs to stay in America rather than being outsourced to the lowest bidder; if we want protections for our health and pension benefits, then we have to put our money where our mouth is.

Over the years, Teamsters have been able to stop attacks on work rules and bad legislation with an effective grassroots political action program called DRIVE -- Democratic, Republican, Independent Voter Education. The purpose of DRIVE is to elect political candidates who have a proven voting record of supporting working people and their issues -- regardless of what political party they belong to. DRIVE is non-partisan and independent from any political party.

Unions may not use dues money for political action, so we must have voluntary support from members to wield the power of our numbers. You can fund DRIVE by giving as little as $2.00 a week. Get a DRIVE card from your steward or your on-sight political coordinator, fill it out and give it back. Your voluntary contribution can be made through weekly payroll deduction -- you won't even feel the big difference you can make. By supporting DRIVE, your money will be used for voter registration programs, keeping members and their families informed on key issues and voting records, and rallies, news conferences, advertisements, and phone banks to build support on issues of concern to working people. Contribute to DRIVE -- your future depends on it!



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