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Connections 2004: Remembering Andy Lujan

Spring 2004

1944 - 2004

Andy Lujan, a Teamster for 34 years, died suddenly on February 25, 2004, at the age of 59. A native San Franciscan, Andy joined Teamsters Local 860 in 1969 when he got a job at Cost Plus Stores’Fishermen’s Wharf warehouse. He soon became a Shop Steward and was a strong advocate for his fellow workers. The 1976 negotiations were tough and the Local 860 members voted to strike. Andy was on the picket line for at least 18 hours every day, setting an example for other strikers on the line. The Union won the strike.

After the Cost Plus Warehouse closed in the early 90s, Andy was dispatched to Macy’s downtown store and quickly became the Shop Steward at Macy’s. During his tenure, Andy participated in several grievance meetings as well as negotiations. As in the past, Andy fought for his fellow Teamsters so they could live a better life.

Andy participated in the activities of the Local as well as the International. Wherever there was a picket line, Andy would be there. Most recently, he was on the picket line supporting Southern California’s 70,000 retail clerks fighting for health care.

Andy was a very generous man. Whenever the jar was passed for any cause—supporting members on strike, purchasing raffle tickets for the Teamsters Assistance Program, or donating to the MS fund, Andy was the first to give. With his countless hours of volunteering at phone banks, precinct walks and picket lines, Andy never asked for anything in return or recognition. In addition to his union activities, Andy was very active in St. Peters Parish in San Francisco. He was also a huge Forty- Niner’s fan and a long-time season ticket holder.

Andy was truly unique. He will be missed.

—John C. Becker, Sr.