Shop Stewards' Seminar

Stewards hone skills in grievance handling

Photo of stewards at seminar

On Saturday, February 9, about 50 stewards came to the Oakland Hilton to strengthen their skills at grievance handling. The six-hour seminar was taught by IBT Training and Development Department Associate Director Sally Payne. The day included a review of how to get the facts and properly document issues that arise among Teamster members at a shop, as well as working in groups to come up with recommendations for a variety of case studies.

Photo of Sally PayneIn addition, the stewards heard from the Teamsters’ attorney, Sheila Sexton from the Beeson Tayer & Bodine law firm about grievance and arbitration procedures, and from Shane Gusman of Broad & Gusman, about laws that impact the steward’s role.

“Stewards are truly the heart of the union because they take on the extra duty of representing members, and serving as the eyes and ears to the union staff for what’s happening at the shop on a day-to-day basis,” says Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Hart. “Events like this should help them be more effective stewards, and have more confidence in their skills. It’s always great to bring them together like this.”

The seminar was originally slated to take place last October, but the workers at the Oakland Hilton were on strike, and the union had to delay the event rather than cross a picket line. Watch for the next seminar in October.